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Posted: January 21, 2016
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This action is not allowed as it is outside the current transaction.


After upgrading from v5.5 to 7.1.9, some of our flow action reference ActionAutoSubmit HTML to submit flow action as soon they are selection from OtherAction option. After upgrade they are not working, getting error "This action is not allowed as it is outside the current transaction." When i further checked the html rule i see it is final rule in ruleset Pega-EndUserUI:07-10-19.

To try some other test, in my flow i included goback OOB flowaction to do Autosubmit, that is also throwing same error. I saw in some forum topic it says this issue was addressed in 7.1.7. But for us not working. This HTMl has following code.... any idea or help why it is not working as expected please ?

String strMessages = tools.getPrimaryPage().getMessagesAll();
if(strMessages.length() == 0)
tools.appendString("if(window.name != null && typeof(window.name) != \"undefined\" && window.name == \"actionIFrame\" ){");
/*BUG-168564: Updated doSubmit to call after loading all files. */
tools.appendString("pega.u.d.attachOnload(doSubmit, true);}");

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