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Posted: April 29, 2019
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Adding mobile logs to Kibana

You can access logs from mobile device without end-user involvement by using the device log retrieval functionality. However, if you have multiple nodes in your environment, then finding logs may be troublesome.

Pega Cloud comes with Kibana out of the box, which is an external tool that allows you to view and filter logs in one place. Currently, there are several types of logs that are preconfigured in Kibana:

  • prpc-application-logs
  • prpc-security-event-logs
  • prpc-security-logs
  • ...

How to add 'mobile-logs' to Kibana

  1. Make sure that retrieve device logs feature was used at least once.
  2. Login to Kibana
  3. Go to the Settings > Indices > Configure index pattern
  4. Type mobile-logs-* as "Index name or pattern"
  5. Click "Create" button

Right now you can go back to Discover tab and select mobile-logs from a list.

Please note that there are several columns designed for logs from mobile devices:

  • LogDateTime - specifies date and time when log has been created on device (UTC time)
  • LogLevel - specifies log level (verbose, debug, info, warning, error)
  • LogTag - specifies tag (usually it is name of class)
  • LogMessage - specifies message
  • LogStacktrace - contains entire stack trace if an error occurred

Also, you can find step-by-step instruction in a form of pictures in attachments.

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