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Posted: November 7, 2015
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Application Design : Case Study 1 Question


First Question:

The solution provided for Case study 1 didn't consider Manufacturing as the division instead it considered the country as the division, Could you please let me know if there is any reason for this?

PEGA solution class group for US unit is : Velo-BZ-BZIIRS-Work

In my solution i have considered Manufacturing, Automobile and Boat as divisions and US,Japan, Germany, Brazil and Canda as units because of which my class group has extra division reference in it.

My solution class group for US unit is : Velo-Manf-BZ-BZIIRS-Work

Second question : 

In the solution provided there is no information on All Part, Boat Assembly and Car& Truck Assembly and i have considered all of them as divisions, is this correct approach?

Third Question:

Also, there is no info on Sales and Marketing in the solution and I have considered Sales and Marketing as Specific work groups in my solution, is this correct?

Please find the attached visio diagram that i have prepared based on my understanding. Please correct me if i misinterpreted anything.

Thanks for your time and appreciate your response.



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