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Application Design - Practise exam question


I see the following question in the practise exam and I am not convinced for the reason my answer was wrong. I arrived to this answer based on the explanation after the question below. Can someone correct me where I am wrong.

An application rule lists the following application rulesets, in order:
  • Ruleset1:01-05
  • Ruleset2:02-03
  • Ruleset3:01-17-50

On the system hosting the application there are five (5) instances of the section rule, XYZ.

RuleApplies To classRuleset & VersionAvailability
AOrg-Div-Work Ruleset1:01-04-02Yes
DOrg-Div-Work Ruleset2:02-02-01Yes

Which version of section XYZ does the system attempt to use when processing a case of type ABC?

Rule B.
Rule C.
Rule A.
Rule D.
Rule E.
Sorry, this is incorrect.
This rule is overridden by a rule in Org-Div-Work-ABC

Here is my explanation

1. During the discard process, Rule B is discarded since the major version doesnt match the ruleset list

2. So, the resulting sorted list as per the rank is C, E, A, D

3. In this C is Withdrawn, which in turn withdraws E since it belongs to the same class and ruleset major version of C.

4. So, now the resulting sorted list as per the rank is A and D

5. A is top in the rank and gets executed


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