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Posted: December 22, 2017
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Applications and their Integrity Level

Recently, I worked with a customer who had an application that ran with a high integrity level. Normally, applications are launched with a medium or low integrity level, however for some reason, this one was elevated. I was able to determine this by using Process Explorer. You will notice that process Explorer will be unable to see any of the dlls or even identify the integrity level of the higher process. If you run it with admin rights, you should then be able to see its integrity. With it, you can view the integrity level of a process. Since Windows will not allow a lower integrity process to interact with a higher one, we were unable to interrogate this application. The specific symptom was that the application was crashing when it was started if Pega Robotics was interrogating it. In this case, the resolution was to use a tool that the customer had to elevate the integrity level of Pega Robotics (OpenSpan.Runtime.exe as well as Studio for the developers).

In addition, this solution was using a Citrix Context. When running elevated, the Citrix process was failing to connect. The resolution here was to elevate the wfica32 and wfcrun Citrix exes as well as the OpenSpan.Connectors.Citrix.WebInterfaceNavigation.exe.

I thought this might be helpful information in case anyone encounters this scenario.

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