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Ask the Expert - Admin Studio with Lukasz Karnasiewicz

Join Lukasz Karnasiewicz (karnl) in this Ask the Expert session (7-11 Oct) on Admin Studio!

About Lukasz: Lukasz Karnasiewicz has 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He joined Pega 6 years ago through the Antenna acquisition where he worked for 5 years as a Software Engineer and Manager. At Pega he manages the Core Engine Performance team and is a Product Owner responsible for platform observability and operations tools. He is passionate about improving everything (especially software performance) as well as helping customers accomplish their goals and fulfill their needs using the software that Pega builds.

Message from Lukasz: Hi All! I look forward to all your questions regarding Admin Studio and I hope to be able to get a lot of your feedback about it from this session. Specifically, I would like to learn how Admin Studio is helping you with system administration and day to day operations and how we can make it better.

Ask the Expert Rules

  • Follow the Pega Support Community's Community Rules of Engagement
  • This is not a Live Chat - Lukasz will reply to your questions over the course of the week (7-11 October)
  • Questions should be clearly and succinctly expressed
  • Questions should be of interest to many others in the audience
  • Have fun!
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