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Ask the Expert - Dynamic and Ajax Containers with Sreedhar Ganduri

Join Sreedhar Ganduri (SreeGanduri) in this Ask the Expert session (14-18 Oct) on Dynamic Containers and Ajax Containers.

About Sreedhar: Sreedhar Ganduri is a Senior Product Manager in User Experience area. He has been in technology industry for around 15 years, he joined Pegasystems in 2012 and is responsible for UI technology features in the Pega Platform. He has driven several key UI features in the last several releases. He was also part of the mobile and reporting areas of Pega platform. He currently leads Pega’s UI Product Management team in India.

Message from Sreedhar: I’m very excited to be a part of this community initiative and eager to hear directly from our partners and customers. I'm glad and excited to share my learnings and knowledge in configuring and using dynamic content in UI.

Ask the Expert Rules

  • Follow the Pega Support Community's Community Rules of Engagement
  • This is not a Live Chat - Sreedhar will reply to your questions over the course of the week (14-18 October)
  • Questions should be clearly and succinctly expressed
  • Questions should be of interest to many others in the audience
  • Have fun!
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