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Ravindra Mandya Girigowda (MGR007)
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Posted: April 21, 2015
Last activity: April 21, 2015

Authentication Error - Displaying Custom Stream


We are using PRPC v5.5.  For Authentication we use container managed authentication.

I have requirement to display Custom authenticatione error message screen when LogIn user Id dont match with Application User table, in this case i need to show Authentication error stream.

From help documents i see, in EstablishOperator  activity when particular condition is met you have do following steps to show custom stream

Step1> Property set Param.pyChallenge = @java ("PRAuthentication.GENERATED_CHALLENGE_STREAM")

Step2> Show-Stream --> Custom HTML stream written in @baseclass

Step3> Activity-End


When authentication happens, i am getting following exception...

InvalidParameter cannot be null. page: OrgDivision aSource com.pega.pegarules.engine.clipboard.ClipboardPageImpl.replace(ClipboardPage)


After this i updated activity to set Error message to the primary page of EstablishOperator  activity, now Pega displaying Default stream with the error message but not showing customer stream.


Any help to resolve this please ?

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