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Posted: June 14, 2016
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Automatically Calculating Property Values

Once I have done the exercise "Automatically Calculating Property Values", in which we create a new property for calculating the total cost of coverage based on
the different plans selected in each category (medical, dental and vision), I made the next test:

1. In the medical coverage section, I select any plan. The total benefit cost is updated (let's say to $50).

2. Now, I decide to waive this coverage, so I check the "Waive medical benefits". The section is not visible, but the total benefit cost is still $50. In fact, I can see that the plan is still selected in the clipboard page...

3. I click the submit button, so I go to the next step (Dental benefits). The total benefit cost is still $50.

4. I select a plan and the cost (let's say $25) is added to the total benefit cost, which is $75 now...

So, I tried to improve this in order that if I select a plan, and I waive it later, the plan is not selected anymore and, therefore, the total cost is updated again. BUT, I didn't get it, and I did not know how to do it...

I'd like to know how to solve this. I think it's the better way to learn.

Thank you!

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