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Richard Marsot (RichardMarsot)
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Posted: November 7, 2018
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Best practices - Using design templates to deliver a consistent user interface

This best practice document focuses on using design templates to deliver a more consistent UI across your applications. It covers some of the out of box templates provided in Pega 8.1 and how to create and use a design template.

Note that in Pega 8.4, it is possible to automatically convert a regular section into a section using design template. The newly created section will put all the properties and components into a 1-column template. As such you will still need to set the correct design template but you no longer need to copy and paste every single property / component.

For more details on design template, I highly recommend to go through the new Infinity front-end foundation mission and  especially the module related to design templates: https://academy.pega.com/module/using-design-templates/v1


If you have any questions / feedback, do not hesitate to reply to this post.

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