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Caitlin Dean (Dean_)

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Posted: March 23, 2015
Last activity: June 2, 2016

Cannot add all data fields to Assets data instances

I am trying to complete: Managing Reference Data in Data Tables and am trying to add my asset data instances to the Assets data table. I cannot fill the assets data table so I am stuck on this step (adding courses was fine)


I am seeing the same issue no matter how I try to add an instance ("Edit data instances", "Edit and Search" then "Append" OR "Edit")


When I try to add a data instance, the only field that is editable is pyLabel:

If I type something in this field and try to save, it throws an error because ID is required, then opens up ID field:

If I save a record like this, Selected shows as False (default value I guess), but I did not enter that value:

I try to edit that instance from Search and Edit, only Label is editable:

I try to append a row, and the same thing:

Here are my supporting rules:


I actually had this issue during System Architect Essentials I when adding Positions. But I came in the next day and the issue was gone, so I didn't report it. I did not have this issue with Courses (added at the same time as Assets). I am using the exercise environment and IE9 (it's in protected mode, so I can't use the Excel editing). I tried logging off and back on.


What am I missing? Or is there a workaround?  I can't add Assets until I find a way to resolve this. Thanks.






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