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Can't get unit testing to work in 7.1.7 PE


I am trying to understand unit testing in Pega. I created a simple activity "Id" that I would like to test. Id has one required in parameter X, one out parameter Y, and does Property-Set(Param.Y, Param.X).

I tried testing from "menu Actions > Run" and from "tab Test Cases > Record new test case". I chose various parameters and tried entering various values (including no value) for X and Y, but I can't get anything other than an "ActivityStatusSuccess" window that shows a green checkmark and says: Status: good; Message: The Operation completed successfully, but returned no content; [...].

How can I get something meaningful, e.g. a test failing if I enter different values for X and Y?

Also maybe the help [1] should be updated; what it describes doesn't seem to match the existing interface.

[1] https://pdn.pega.com/sites/pdn.pega.com/files/help_v717/procomhelpmain.htm#rule-/rule-obj-/rule-obj-activity/testing.htm

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