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Can't save the Adaptive Model 'Propensity to Accept' as per course material


I am trying to follow the instructions in the study material (Decision Management - Essentials) to save the Propensity to Accept model, but I get the following errors on the Setting tab of the Adaptive model: 

This record has
Correlation Threshold:
Value should between 0 and 1.
Grouping Granularity:
Value should between 0 and 1.
Performance Threshold:
Value should between 0 and 1.
Grouping Minimum Cases:
Value should between 0 and 1.

I checked and before pressing Save, as per instructions, I had the following value for these fields: 0,25, 0,05, 0,52 and 0,8 respectively. After trying to save, the error came up and the fields were automatically modified to show 25,0, 5,0, 52,0 and 8,0 respectively.

These automatically adjusted numbers are outside the bonndaries specified in the error message and I am unable to change them back because the same error comes up even if I manually change them to the initial figure.

I am not sure if I missed any steps in the instructions or I have done something wrong, but I am stuck on this because I can't save.







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