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Posted: February 12, 2016
Last activity: February 24, 2016

Case design disables "Configure Form" button for some operators

I have an issue whereby a user (lets say operator ID='JGALT') is unable to access the "Configure Form" button on a case step. Looking for any clues beyond checking the Operator setup and Access Group setup. Here's what happened:

I created a new application called "OMC" and defined case type, data type etc. in the wizard. I then edited properties of the case type. Then I added steps to the case stages. I selected steps and entered "Configure Form" for many different steps. I logged out.

Next day I login and when I return to the case steps, the "Configure Form" button is disabled. I double check my operator and I am configured for the OMC:Administrator access group for my application.  So I then check other case steps and the "Configure Form" button is disabled.

I then "Switch Apps" and try a different app for which my operator is an Administrator. Again I open a case type, select a case step and the "Configure Form" button is disabled.

So I then edit another Operator ID, add the configuration so that it is configured as an OMC:Administrator. Somehow, magically the "Configure Form" button is enabled for that operator.

Any thoughts as to why 'JGALT' is not able to use the "Configure Form" button?


FWIW I am using Pega 7.1.9 Personal Edition.

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