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categorize grid rows as well as Add/Delete a row in repeating grid


As per requirement i have to do Categorize grid rows as well as add/delete a row from repeating grid.

For that i have done following configuration

1) Go to layout properties ---- > Operations tab ------> Row Editing  = "None" 

2) In the same operation tab Grid operations is Categorize grid rows ( Additional settings on column ) 

3) In column  level i have to check the "Categorize by this column"

As per my understanding if i select Row Editing ="none" it won't allow to Add/Delete any row but i am able to categorize grid rows.

if i select any other option (Inline or master details) then we can delete a row but not categorize grid rows.

Please anybody can help me how can we do  categorize grid rows as well as Add/Delete a row in single repeating grid or its one kind defect in Pega repeating grid ?





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