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Posted: June 23, 2021
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CDH Community Events

As you all know there is an increasing need for large enterprises to customize every interaction with their customers providing hyper-personalized, carefully curated, and relevant experiences along key moments of truth for their customers.  This has naturally led to an increased demand for Pega’s Customer Decision Hub (CDH).  With increasing deployments of CDH, it is necessary to create an ecosystem for active practitioners to share ideas, experiences and best practice while supporting each other gain knowledge and stay current.  This ecosystem will continually engage influential practitioners, with diverse experiences, to pool learnings, share thought leadership,  and radiate knowledge.

This forum will consist of CDH practitioners from Pega Clients, Partners and Pega Consultants that will collaborate to enable responding more rapidly to customer needs and inquiries, reduce rework and prevent "reinvention of the wheel", and spawn new ideas.  We are now ready to embark on the next step: engagement and interaction among community members through a series of events.  We want to use these events as opportunities to create a sense of community, provide an opportunity to network, and serve as a ready resource for community members.

These events will be conducted virtually, until conditions warrant, and community members can continue discussions through a Pega provided digital platform.  We are extremely excited about providing community members an opportunity to enhance public ambassadorship and create opportunities for authentic story telling.

To review the recordings and handouts from past events, click on a link below. Register for future events here

CDH Community Event: Business As Usual Process Flow in 1:1 Operations Manager (June 2021)



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