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Shivendra Kumar (shivendrak6931)
Shivendra Kumar
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Posted: April 20, 2016
Last activity: June 8, 2016

Clipboard page property is not being read into js

I am using below js snippet to run an activity from js and then it is needed to read a clipboard page property from there to be used as variable but it is not letting me do that by throwing syntax error though there is apparently none.

var oSafeURL = new SafeURL("Class.Activity");
 oSafeURL.put("Parameter", Parameter Value);

var callback2 =                  
       success: function()
      scope: this
 pega.u.d.asyncRequest('GET', oSafeURL, callback2, null);

var pyIDs;

pyIDs =  '<%= tools.findPage("clipboard page").getString("clip board page property")%>';

As soon as i remove the (' ')quotes from the line in bold above it gives js syntax error and do not let me check in without that and code does not run properly (alerts do not trigger).

If i save as it is given above hard coded value returns and so of no use for me.

Other than this i have used show page in the activity for that page to check if it is setting properly and found that ok.

I have also used pyIDs = <%= ClipboardPage.ClipBoardPageProperty %> instead of the bold line as above in the code and left with the similar problem.

Please help.

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