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Posted: April 22, 2021
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Posted: 22 Apr 2021 14:34 EDT
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CLSA Community Meetup: A digital innovation journey with Rabobank (April 2021) - Recording + Handout

On April 20 and 21we hosted our CLSA Community Meetup that featured Rabobank talking about their digital innovation journey using Pega.

During this session they have touched on how to use Pega @ Rabobank, the architecture principles and how they use simplify@scale to scale up from 2 implementation teams to over 15 teams that manage 30 applications and over 40 components. 

They discuss the basic design principles they use as a basis:

  • Collaboration - Share information about reusable assets, best practices, successes and failures through Guilds, Chapter meetings etc. 
  • Decoupling - Every application should be self-contained and can be delivered independently
  • Omni-Channel - Build apps that follow Centre-Out architecture and use of DX API. Channel switch should be seamless for every app

  • Reusability - Build generic reusable components that can be re-used by any feature team building Pega apps

In the second part of the application they explain how they build for reuse, what defines a component and how they make the functionality available to the containing applications using "automations" and the distributed ownership model. 

Last is discussed how Rabobank uses DevOps and Pega Deployment manager to manage all these applications, components and stacks. 

The recording is split in three parts:

  1. The Rabobank Context and architectural setup
  2. Building for reuse and component structure 
  3. Supporting DevOps Setup

The slides used in the presentation are added as a handout on the bottom of this post (only visible when logged in)

Rabobank Context by Jatin Ramtri

CLSA Rabo - Context & Architecture


Build for reuse by Rob Smart 

CLSA Rabo - Reuse & Components


DevOps by Tihomir Petrovic

CLSA Rabo - Devops


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