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Jeff Houle (HOULJ)
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Posted: March 10, 2017
Last activity: January 23, 2018

CMIS Connector may fail to store content in folders on CMIS repositories - fix available

What is happening?

Users of CMIS features may find that content is not transferred to CMIS repository at all (usually accompanied by access errors), or that content is incorrectly filed in the "Root" directory of the CMIS repository despite the Application or logic being configured to store content in a different directory.

The source of the issue has been identified, and the following service advisories - with instructions for resolving the issue - are now available:

Pega 7.2.1:https://pdn.pega.com/support-articles/access-denied-cannot-upload-attach-files-after-upgrade-cmis-0
Pega 7.2.2:https://pdn.pega.com/support-articles/access-denied-cannot-upload-attach-files-after-upgrade-cmis

Who is impacted?

For the purposes of this post, the out-of-the-box "CMIS features" in the Pega platform include:

  • "Store in CMIS repository" option in the "Content storage" area on the "Integration & security" tab of Application records

  • "Connect-CMIS" method for Activity records

What are the symptoms?

Misfiled documents
The CMIS connector may be putting documents in the "Root" directory of a CMIS repository, despite a folder ID being specified in the Application record or Activity record. When the CMIS Connector is misfiling documents, there may be no indication in the Pega application or system logs. In this case, the issue will only be noticed when browsing the CMIS repository. This often happens when "Content storage" was configured prior to upgrading to Pega 7.2.1 or Pega 7.2.2

Error messages
In some cases, the CMIS Connector will not be filing documents and will instead issue an error message.
If the user account set up on the Authentication Profile record for the CMIS Connector does not have access to the Root folder on the CMIS repository, the error message may mention this lack of access.

Alternatively, If the CMIS repository does not support the request for the Object at "blank," no documents will be stored, and errors may be reported.

How do I get this fixed?

Users that are currently using CMIS Features in Pega 7.2.1 or Pega 7.2.2 - or may so do so in the future - should consider applying the appropriate fix for your platform in order to avoid experiencing the issue.

For Pega 7.2.1, the proper fix is HFix-32701.

For Pega 7.2.2, the proper fix is HFix-32702.

I'm a System Architect. What are the technical details?

The root cause of the issue is a defect in The CMIS Connector feature's ability to use the "pyFolderId" property on a "CMIS-CreateDocument" Clipboard Page. This leads to the CMIS Connector feature requesting the object on the CMIS repository with a "blank" path - which is often the "Root folder" of the CMIS repository - and attempting to store documents within that Object. Any features that rely on CMIS Connector's ability to store a document in a folder via use of a Folder ID will be negatively impacted. Applications that use only the "pyFolderName" property on CMIS-CreateDocument to identify the destination folder do not require a fix at this time.

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