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Community Tip - Help Your Fellow Community Member

You may have noticed the little #helpme widget we added to the Overview page a couple weeks ago. It's purpose is to identify member posts we feel may have gotten lost in the shuffle and give them a little extra visibility.

The responsiveness we've achieved during the infancy of this community has been unprecedented (for us). There have been over 260 questions/discussion topics posted to this community since we started, only 20 of which have not received a response. For as good a start that is, we want to do better.

We want our Pega Community to become something great throughout all of our various channels. We begin to do so by acknowledging where we've come up short in the past and assuring you that we moderating the activity in this community. We know when someone looking for help doesn't get a response and we are dedicated to trying different ways to get one.

But we cannot do it alone, in the end it's up to all of us to do so as a community. So... #helpme.

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