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Community Tips and Tricks

To ask a question, you must write a post. Make sure to use categories and tags to help better identify the topic/area you are asking about.

Take a little time to prepare your question. More specifically :

1. Search for your question in the community first. If you're a beginner, odds are the questions have been asked before, maybe not specifically in your format, but in general.

2. Be as detailed as possible with your question. We understand that your classes and objects are proprietary, but if we can't even see the structure of the data then it’s hard to help. Use a good Title. "How do I enable Live UI for my application" is better than "Newbie UI Designer Question."

3. Use simple language. You might be an expert in passivation, but other readers are not. Explain your problem so that a reasonably smart person can understand.

4. Supply concrete examples if possible. The clearer the picture of your issue, the better other community members can help.

· Important: Do not include any data or information in your posts that is confidential or that contains the personal information of other individuals. Remember that all information you post here is publicly accessible

5. Try something. Don't just ask question after question, you can learn a lot by trying out things and seeing what works and what doesn't. It's a computer and a program, so if you make a mistake it shouldn't be too catastrophic. Just don't delete your company’s database.

6. Be respectful, people are here of their own free will. Their time is their own, so don't pester people for responses, and if someone does not want to answer they don't have to. If someone only provides a method instead of code that is their choice. Don't send private messages to someone, even if you have questions about their response. Keep the discussion public so that all can see and learn from it.

7. Mark answers as helpful and correct as appropriate. It helps future users narrow down what responses to look at.

Following these guidelines will help to make the answers as prompt and as accurate as possible, therefore it works in your benefit.

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