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Santanu Bhattacherjee (Santanu)
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Posted: July 26, 2018
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Compare the HFIX among multiple environments : HFIX Comparator : Available in Pega Exchange

It is a very common scenario where user complaints that same functionality is working fine in one environment but failing in other environment. In situation like this, developer starts investigating the issue by comparing both the environments and what are the patches(HFIX) installed in them. Right now comparing HFIX inventories of working and non-working environment is a time consuming and cumbersome task.

This tool is developed with an aim to help Pega Developers to compare the HFIX inventories quickly and identify the missing HFIX.

Download it from Pega Exchange today. : https://community1.pega.com/exchange/components/hotfix-comparison-tool

It results output that clearly differentiates the Hot fixes present in both environments and those that are present in one and not the other.

Offers the ability to easily copy the comparison result information to share with other engineers and customers.

Upon comparing two inventories, results will be displayed like this.

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