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Composite screen display issue - new interaction portal


After upgrading from v5.5 to v7.1.9 and to CSI 7.1.4. We are doing compliance upgrade updates to use CPMInteractionPortal and encountering several issues. One of the Issue is displaying composite screen when CSP processing SR. We have Composite screen getting displayed using standalone pages, they works fine when processing SR. But when we start SR, composite is not showing any data.

From analysis we got to know that, since SR work launches with new thread and in that thread composite view stand alone pages created during Interaction are not available so showing blank screen.

To solve this, we know one option is to create requestor level Declare page and refer that in composite view. But this takes huge effort, we have 8 tabs and all load data with different standalone page and there are 100's of activities to load composite data ... verifying all them and changing testing is not a upgrade effort but a like a rewrite effort.

Is there a way to solve this issue easily ? please suggest with options..

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