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Configuring FCM: Step by step approach

Step 1 : Make sure both the master and remote instances should be installed and running

Step 2 : Create business scenario

  • Sub Step 1 : Create same operator in master and remote system.
  • Sub Step 2 : Create application in each PRPC system.


Step 1 : In the Remote system , publish the case type as Remote and allow new work creation.

  • Sub Step 1 : Create a case type in the remote system . This case type will be used to run from the master system.
  • Sub Step 2 : In the Advanced Tab of case type rule form select “Publish as a Remote Case Type” checkbox and “Permit new work creation” checkbox.

Step 2 : Create a new Dynamic System Setting named 'prconfig/authentication/redirectguests/default with value 'false' and restart the system.

Step 1 : Deploy prgateway.war and register the remote system on the master server using gateway

  • Sub Step 1 : Deploy prgateway.war on the master system server .It could be found with PRPC distribution under Additional products/IAC
  • Sub Step 2 : Add the remote system as a host on the gate way (http://hostname:port/prgateway/index.jsp). Note down the Connection Name given . This will be used to configure in the Master system Case type rule form .

Step 2 : Create a Remote case type that will act as a stub class to run remote work object .

  • Sub Step 1 : Expand the ADVANCED SETTINGS on the modal that appears while creating a new case type from Case Explorer , and check “Remote Case type” checkbox.
  • Sub Step 2 : Open the case type rule form (Click on the Link that is given on the case type “Open Case Type Defintion to Configure details” if present .).
  • Sub Step 3 : Create a new Remote System instance and specify in the case type rule form . Configuring the fields on the remote system instance is given in next step.

Step 3 : Configure the remote system instance

  • Sub Step 1 : Specify the gateway url of the master server in the Gateway URL field .
  • Sub Step 2 : Specify the remote instance name (PRPC instance) in the System URL
  • Sub Step 3 : Give the name of the connection that is used to register remote system on Master system’s gateway .
  • Sub Step 4 : Specify the application name created on the remote system.

Step 4 : Configure remaining fields in the case type.

  • Sub Step 1 : After specifying the remote system field , click on the Retrieve information . It gives the number of case types that are exposed as remote case type from the remote system .
  • Sub Step 2 : From the Class Name drop down , select the case type you want to run .
  • Sub Step 3 : Expand the supported Actions(If not already expanded) and select “Create New Work checkbox” . Select the starting process from the starting process drop down and Check the “Show in New work Menu” checkbox. Save the case type.
  • Sub Step 4 : The selected starting flow starts coming up in the Create menu and clicking on it will create a new work item in the remote system.

ACCESSING OOTB SECTIONS :FCM provides three sections -pxFCMCreateNewWork ,pxFCMOpenWork , pxFCMShowHarness for creating work item, opening workitem and show harness respectively from remote system.

Please refer to below link for more details on these gadgets.


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