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Configuring parameters for FCM Gadgets

FCM provides three OOTB sections to create, open and shows a harness from the remote system. They are as following :

  • pxFCMCreateNewWork - Creates new work item each time the section is referred. Include this section and specify the stub case type created in the Master system in the RemoteClass parameter.Each time the section is referred, a new work item of the starting process specified in the stub case type will be created.
  • pxFCMOpenWork – Opens the remote workitem specified in the remote case type. On the remote case type, under the Supported Actions, check the Open Work checkbox and give the pzInsKey of the remote work item you want to open. This field takes property references also. Specify the Harness in the Harness field that will be used with pxFCMShowHarness section.Include this section and specify the case type in the RemoteClass parameter. The section takes the information given in the case type and opens the work specified in the case type each time this section is referred.
  • pxFCMShowHarness – This section is used to display the harnesses(for e.g. Worklist and Workbasket) from the remote system . Include this section and select the remote system instance from the RemoteClass parameter dropdown. Specify the harness in the remote system you want to display in the Harness field and the AppliesTo class of the Harness .

All the three sections has three common parameters ResizeOption ,Height ,Width .Resize option dropdown contains three options fill , fixed and stretch .

  • Fill will try to fill the remote harness only in the available space on the Master system . if the height in the remote harness is more than the available space, then it tries to fill in the available space using scroll bars. When Fill or Strech is specified, height and width parameters will be ignored.
  • Fixed will use the values specified in the height and width parameters and renders the remote harness with specified height and width. Scroll bars may appear if the size specified is lesser than the size of the remote harness.
  • Strech will try to expand to fill the available space on the page. No scroll bars appear in case Strech is used.

NOTE 1: pxFCMCreateNewWork and pxFCMOpenWork takes the case type created in the Master system. The information specified in the case type for Starting Process and Open Work will be used to create and open work respectively.

NOTE 2: PXFCMShowHarness takes the remote instance as the parameter and not the case type. Accessing any harness from the remote system doesn’t need the creation of case types in Master system.

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