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Posted: September 28, 2015
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Context of Current Page in Repeat Grid Layout

Hey all,


I have a repeat grid layout with several fields including 'amount' (read-only) and 'disputedAmount' (editable). One of my requirements is that if disputedAmount is greater than or less than some % of amount, I should show a modal dialogue with a warning; if the user hits okay we keep the value, if they hit cancel we restore the value back to 'amount'.

My issue is that from the actions tab of the disputedAmount column in the repeat grid, I can't seem to reference the amount field; if I try setting the value to .amount it gets set to a blank; if I try and compare the value of disputedAmount to amount the comparison always evaluates to true... I thought maybe there was some wonky context issue, but specifying (<current>) wasn't a valid move.

Is this expected behavior, and could anyone give me some suggestions on fixing it?

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