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Digital Fast Forward
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Digital Fast Forward
Posted: December 11, 2018
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Converting PDF to EForm

  1. Go to Designer Studio> Integration> Tools> PDF for Eform Wizard
  • Provide a name for it and select the class it applies to.
  • Upload a fillable PDF form on the next screen.
  • On the next screen, all the properties from the PDF form will be generated.
  • Submit and close the form.

2. Next, go to Create> Integration Mapping> Map eForm

  • Provide and a name and select the class. Create and open the form.
  • Select the wizard from the file and choose PDF as extension
  • Then, choose all the fields from the form and map it to its corresponding property.
  • Save the form.

3. Go to App> Technical> Create Activity

  • Create an activity and provide a label for it.
  • Add Page New as first method and EForm Page as Step Page
  • Second step is Call Generate EForm and add the method parameters.
  • Third step is Call Attach EForm and add the method parameters
  • Add eFormPage and pyWorkPage in Pages and Classes tab. Save and run and trace the activity.

4. Add a Utility shape to the process flow and add the activity name in Rule.

5. Create a new case and fill out the form. Submit the form, a new PDF output file will be generated.

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