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Copy Value List Items to Page List

Here is the function to copy Value List to Page List without using Activity

@pxPageListFromStringCSV(@pxStringCSVFromValueList(“Value List”),.inputPageList,"property","pageClass")

1. @pxStringCSVFromValueList is used to convert value list to String CSV format. Here we need to pass Value List Property as a Input.

2. @pxPageListFromStringCSV is used to Prepare a Page List with special character separated string , it will take four input properties

• stringCSV : is created by @pxPageListFromStringCSV function.

• inputPageList : List property to Populate the created Page List.

• property as a String : Exact value of the Value List is copied into in this property under the Page List.

• pageClass as a String : Here we need to pass Page List definition class as in put.

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