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Correction: Fixed Header / Layout group tabbed header fix while scrolling

Hi Pega Community ,

they are two questions which are closed without any solution or help:



To solve this problem you need do do a local change ( I quest with higher version from Pega 7.2.1 on its already solved).

I tested in Pega 7.2

To have a fixed tab header ( or have a sticky header ) you need to add this code snippet in UserWorkForm


.Masthead > .scrlCntr {

    text-align: left;

    overflow: hidden;

    position: fixed;

    width: 89%;

    top: 5%;


.Masthead > .tabContent {

    border: none;

    margin-top: 30px;



In this example Masthead is the styleformat of the Tab Group properties ( If you resaved the Skinrule from pyEndUser71 then you will have this styleformat - select in the dropdown others and give Masthead) . Otherwhise create or use your custom one and make sure that is used only for the Tabheader style - otherwhise it can destroy other tabs - , please make then sure that you also define the tabs like this ootb section which is refered from the body screen layout : pzStudioContainerTabs)



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