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Posted: January 25, 2019
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Correction: How to refer a property from Page in Field Value

Hi all ,

there is a post which is already closed: https://community1.pega.com/community/product-support/question/how-refer-property-page-field-value#comment-form

with a comment :

You can only refer properties from primary page. You cannot refer page.property in field value as far as i know.


I want to correct this , maybe at that time it was not possible but there is a way to do that ( tested with Pega 7.2):

In label control give the value as :

<%=tools.getLocalizedTextForString(".pyCaption", "YourFieldValueName" +"\t"+ tools.findPage("PageName").getString("Prop1") +"\t"+ tools.findPage("PageName").getString("Prop2")) %>

In the Field Value give your text like that

Here comes the first part {1} here comes the second part {2}

If you have more Parameters just add like that ...

+"\t"+ tools.findPage("PageName").getString("Prop3") and soon.

I hope this will help for other users...

Thanks and best regards


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