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Creating a Service Wizard to Generate SOAP

1. Create a decision table with few conditions and actions.

2. Create an activity and add the methods Property-Set and Property Map Decision Table.

  • Add the method parameters for both the methods.
  • Add the page name and class.
  • Save and run the activity.

3. Go to Designer Studio > Integration > Service Wizard.

  • Choose ‘Invoke existing activity rules’ from Service Purpose. Click Next.

  • Add Activity Class and click Next.

  • Select the Activity Name and click Next.
  • On the next screen, select the request and response parameters. Click Next.

  • Then, select the properties used in Decision table for input and output. Then go the next screen .

  • Select New Service Package for service package. Click Next.

Uncheck ‘Requires authentication’ and go to next screen to review the process.

  • Copy and save the WSDL URL and click Done to finish the service wizard process.

4. Go to Records > Integration Services > Service SOAP.

  • Click the service you want to test and run.

  • From Actions menu, click run.
  • The following screen appears:

  • Enter the test values on the service execution screen and click Execute.
  • Decision table parameter values appear on the Response Parameter.

Testing the WSDL URL on SOAP UI:

  1. Create a new Soap project and add the WSDL URL.

2. Select Request from the project folder and add test values to XML code. Click the green play button at the top.

The correct value from the decision table is returned.

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