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Posted: January 14, 2016
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Creating Transform leads to duplicate rules detected


While completing the exercise for Building Intent Driven Interfaces, I came upon the following error while attempting to run and test my case:

MessageThe property pyWorkPage.pyWorkParty(Owner) was of mode String while com.pega.pegarules.data.internal.clipboard.ClipboardPropertyImpl.getPageValue() was expecting Page mode. Details: (none)
Operator IDAdmin@SAE
Requestor IDH0D14692B44F17775312560A485CB2A29
TimestampThu Jan 14 20:35:49 UTC 2016
Engine VersionPegaRULES 7.10 ML6 (coreAssemblyCached_716_259)


The body of the solution suggested that my data transforms I created some lessons back may have been incorrectly configured so I deleted both of the transforms I created (pySetFieldDefaults and pyDefault in SAE-HRServices-Work class) and recreated the transform closely following the solution. Upon trying again, I found that the same error was appearing. Some Google-Fu lead me to learn to clear my cache and restart the browser which I followed. Trying to run the case again lead me to a new error:

MessageRule resolution identified 2 versions of the rule with class Rule-Obj-Model and name SAE-HRSERVICES-WORK!PYSETFIELDDEFAULTS
Operator IDAdmin@SAE
Requestor IDH0D14692B44F17775312560A485CB2A29
TimestampThu Jan 14 20:44:59 UTC 2016
Engine VersionPegaRULES 7.10 ML6 (coreAssemblyCached_716_259)

It appears to identify two versions of the rule I created although no alternate version exists. Searching for pySetFieldDefaults shows the rule I created and one for Onboarding and Candidate each. More Google-Fu tells me to delete a row from the database but I am using the servlet exercise system and thus I'm not sure how I would go about that or if I even could. This error is preventing me from moving on through the courses. Any Ideas?



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