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CSSA Practice Exam




Hi team,

 In CSSA practice exam, one  question about rule resolution is as follows,


An application rule lists the following application rulesets, in order:
  • Ruleset1:01-05
  • Ruleset2:02-03
  • Ruleset3:01-17-50

On the system hosting the application there are five (5) instances of the section rule, XYZ.

RuleApplies To classRuleset & VersionAvailability
AOrg-Div-Work        Ruleset1:01-04-02Yes
DOrg-Div-Work        Ruleset2:02-02-01Yes

Which version of section XYZ does the system attempt to use when processing a case of type ABC?

Rule A.
Rule B.
Rule D.
Rule E.
Rule C.



I have followed all the rule resolution steps, i think at last The " Rule-A" should pick, but the answer is showing as Rule-E,


When i'm doing the rule resolution i have followed few steps for withdrawn rule as below


 During the ranking process, the system evaluates any of the candidates that have their

Availability set to ”Withdrawn”. Withdrawn is a special Availability that lets us skip over some

candidates. When a rule is marked as Withdrawn, it is removed from the list of candidates as

well as any additional candidates that match all of the following:

 The same ‘AppliesTo’ Class

 The same Ruleset Name

 The same Ruleset Major version

 The same Purpose

 The same Qualifiers

This is the definition of how to match a Withdrawn rule. However, during Rule Resolution, the

incompatible Major versions and Purposes have already been discarded in the preceding steps.

At this point, we’re only concerned with the rule being in the same class, in the same RuleSet and

having the same qualifiers.


according to the above steps the "Rule-E" should be remove because, "Rule-C"  availability is withdrawn and it satisfy the above conditions.

Can any one please explain me, Why Rule-A is not pricked instead of Rule-E.



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