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custom purge and archival solution

hi - we have a unique requirement in terms of archival and purging.

1. cases resolved before x number of days to be archived.

2. operations/business needs flexibility to search for archived case and view key information at any point in time. 

2. operations/business should be able to retrieve the archive cases anytime as part of any new investigation, reopen the archived case is needed and continue working on it. 

3. archived cases older than x number of days to be purged. before purge, users must be presented with such cases so operations/business can approve its purge. this application  is currently on v6 and we have a custom/working archive/purge design solution in place that caters to all the avove requirements. however we are re-engineering this app on Pega 8.3.1 using Pega cloud. would like to understand if we stick to custom design solution or there is some OOTB ways to achive this. 

OOTB archival and purging  -creates zip files once archived hence business users cant search or retrieve archived case. 

Challenge on building as-is design is on Pega cloud is we cant create any custom objects (like seperate Archive schema or etc) - so what are the other options we have - how other customers have achieved this? 

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