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Customisation of correspndence

Hi team,

I am going through the Correspondence lesson, my question now is i have a property whcih contains the HTML text and i want it to be used in my correspondence, and when i am using it has to display in correct format.

My property :<p>Your <<.ServiceName>>  Request <<.RequestID>> is completed</p>

Expected : Your RPG Request RPG-12345 is completed

Actual:<p>Your <<.ServiceName>>  Request <<.RequestID>> is completed</p>


As you notice above whatever is  in the poperty that is being displayed, i agree that is the default behaviuor , but i just wanted to know if we have a way how we can achieve using the HTML text.


I want the correspondence rule to detect the property does not contain any static text but HTML text according to whcih the template has to be formatted.


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