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Posted: June 25, 2018
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Data Flows - Generating Bulk Correspondence Text

We have a requirement to generate SMS messages in bulk and write the generated message to a table. Another external system processes this message and sends thee SMS out.

Our requirement was to generate appropriate messages based on factors such as product, delinquency status etc.

We have used data flows with strategy to determine the correspondence template that needs to be applied. For ex:- A customer whose installment due date is approaching has to be sent a reminder messages, where as if his due date is already past, we need to send a different message indicating penalties applicable.

Solution Approach:

1. Create a correspondence rule in the right class with all the properties.

2. Create a Correspondence rule of type "Phone Text".

3. Create a function to generate text based on template dynamically. Please refer to the attachment,

4. In the data flow, set property invoke the function

.@SampleLib.SampleFunction(.CIFID,.SMSTEMPLATE,APP_ID) :

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