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Posted: March 16, 2015
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Data Propogation VS SOR Approach



I have  a parent case and I capture the client information in the parent case. Now I will have a bunch of child cases which might need to use that client information which is present in the parent case. Now  I have three approaches.


  1. Propagate the client data from parent to child on instantiation.
  2. Directly refer to the parent data from the child.
  3. Use an SOR approach store the client data in a separate table after capturing the client data at the parent. Propagate the SOR key to  the children, and use that key to refer/modify that client information.

I feel third option is best, but there are two types of clients one with Class/Dept  as key and another one as Class/Dept/Div as the key, now how do I form the key as Div will be blank for the first type of client. In that case I should just use a Serial number as the key, and manually making sure this serial number is unique when we add each client.




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