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Decision Manager Portal Configuration Quiz Question No. 3

Which of the following statement are true? (Choose Two)

  • System architect can create a ‘Tester’ role and associate it with a ‘Tester’ access group in such a way that a tester operator has access only to Test run flows and Simulations capabilities.

    • [Correct- Statement is true because- A systems architect can create “customized” access groups which have limited access to specific functionalities only- here the Systems Architect creates a customized access group called Tester, associates it with Tester role and the Tester can only access run flows and simulations] 

  • A system architect can delete every single Application Overlay, and as a result the associated ‘Revision ruleset’ is also deleted.

    • [Incorrect- Statement is false because- There is a default application overlay created automatically when the landing page is opened for the first time. The name of the overlay starts with ‘RTC-‘ it is always present and cannot be deleted]

  • Decision management comes with many defined privileges which give access to particular functionality in the Decision Manager portal.

    • [Correct- The statement is true because the Decision Manager portal allows the different access groups to perform specific functionalities according to the privileges that were defined by the Systems Architect.  

  • The pyMonitorVBDActuals privilege is used in a Business Sandbox environment.

    • [Incorrect- the statement is false because pyMonitorVBDActuals is a privilege associated with the Supervisor and Administrator Access Groups which are used in the Production environment only.]

  • System architect can create new privileges to customize the Decision Manager Portal view.

    • [Incorrect- The statement is false because a Systems Architect can create new roles using a set of privileges but cannot create new privileges to be used by roles.]

  • A Decision Architect has full rights in the Decision Manager Portal, including adding and removing of proposition properties.

    • [Incorrect- but why???- In the Decision Manager Portal Demonstration and the study guide it says: "If a Decision Architect is logged in into the portal, he will have access to all of the features of the portal." and later it states "Under Manage, there are few additional tabs allowing the Decision Architect to manage: Propositions: create, delete and modify existing propositions" based on these two statements a Decision Architect should have full rights in the Decision Manager Portal, including adding and removing of proposition properties.]

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