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Defer load activity class context in a tab group of a section


We are upgrading our application from Pega 6.2 (SP-2) to Pega 7.

Here we have a scenario as below:

we have 3 tabs in a tab group of Class 'A' each tab having a defered load activity,

My main section with this tabbed group will load on a page of class 'B' and my defered load activities are also in class 'B' and for each tab, the page context to run is given as a page of class 'A'

In Pega 7 while saving the main section, it is throwing error as below

Defer Load Retrieval Activity:RunOnClickFeaturesTab does not exist for use by this record (Validate).
i.e; the system is searching for the  defer load activity in Class 'A'

But the same is working fine in Pega 6.2.(It is checking for activity in Class B only)

Could any one please assist on this?

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