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Posted: July 21, 2015
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In "Defining Data page" lesson , Download Solutions is having BIN file

I'm working on "Leveraging Pega 7 (7.1)" course, to work on the Exercise provided in the course i tried downloading the solutions provided , so far whenever i downloaded the solution document those documents were in PDF, but here i'm seeing some .BIN files are uploaded . I tried different tool to open the .BIN files but nothing helped much, i dont know whether there is any issue with the .BIN file that are present in pega academy.Due to this issue i'm unable to practice the exercise provided in Pega academy. I plead your team to help me in extracting the .BIN file in readable format . Please help me to know how i need to handle this .BIN file . I'm struck up here i'm unable to proceed further 

Course : "Leveraging Pega 7 (7.1)"
Chapter : Defining Data page


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