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Posted: July 30, 2015
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Deployment of PegaRULES Jar File Taking A Long Time On One Environment

We are using verion 6.3, Web Logic and Oracle 11.


We have a jar file containing pega rule set versions with 73 objects in all. Deployment of this file was successful and took only a few minutes in two of our testing environments, However, the deployment to a live-like environment took over six hours (it did complete successfully). I'm planning to raise an SR but wondered whether anybody has experience of this poor performance.and what they did to overcome it.


The Pega and Weblogic logs show no errors apart from a couple of thread dumps due to time outs. 


The Oracle AWR (database performance) report for the period in question shows four long-running queries that each have total elapsed times of over one hour.  Each of these queries is on the following tables: pr_sys_appcache_dep, pr_sys_appcache_shortcut, pr_sys_app_hierarchy_flat, pr_sys_app_ruleset_index, pr_sys_class_ancestors and pr_sys_appcache_entry.


I can provide more information on request,


Many thanks,



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