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Posted: May 25, 2015
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Detect duplicate file name from calling activity

Is there a better way than the following of detecting in the calling activity that a called connect-file rule has encountered a duplicate file name?

When writing the first record to the file, I call a connect-file rule with the "if file already exists" option set to "fail". I have left the Status Message Property set to the default .pyStatusMessage property (and the Status Value Property set to .pyStatusValue).

In the calling activity, even when a duplicate file name is found I still get a StepStatusGood returned, so in order to detect that the "fail" has been triggered I have coded a When condition of @equalsIgnoreCase(@substring(myConnectFilePage.pyStatusMessage,0,7),"Created") - when this returns false this means that a duplicate file name has been found. (Note that myConnectFilePage is the name of the step page used to call the connect-file rule.)

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