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Posted: October 28, 2015
Last activity: August 30, 2016

Display format for Date time property as per the client requirement in editable mode

We have a requirement of setting the datetime property to yesterday i.e. current date -1 as per the business days for which it was achieved in the pre-activity but couldnot able to display as per the format provided in Pega 7.1. it was displaying properly in read-only mode but in editable mode it is not working fine.



Select the datetime control for the cell or input text box for which you want to display as per client date format.

Presentation tab of the cell edit options select read only and in date-time format provide custom and text box provide the format you want to display for this date -time field.

Change edit options to editable and select Display value using read-only formatting check box. it displays as per the format provided in the custom input box provided in read-only mode.


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