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Dynamic UI : Radio Button Source


  I am practising Dynamic UI rendering, and have difficulties with the Radio Button values.

I am using Pega 7.1 personal edition.

I have configured a step with three properties.


  1.) Customer Type (PropertyName: .CustomerType,  Property Mode Text, Control type : Radio Button, UIControl: pxTextInput, table type: local list, Table Value:  Business, Residential)

  2.)   Busines Customer : (PropertyName: BusCust; Property Mode: Object, Object Fields : Company Name, Company Address, VAT Number)

  3.) Residential CustomerL (PropertyName: ResCust; Property Mode: Object, Object Fields: First Name, Last Name, Address)


Based on the Customer Type selection, I wanted to render Business Customer Object or Residential Customer Object.

I have configured When rules in Business Customer section rules and Residential Customer section rules.

When I run the case, and make selection on the customer type, I didn't get the Business Customer or Residential Customer section rendered.


However, when I set the default value to .CustomerType as "Business" or .CustomerType as "Residential", and then run the case, I could see appropriate section is rendered based on default value.


How do I enable the dynmic rendering based on radio button selection, Am I missing something here ?

Is my Customer Type selection on the UI doesn't get stored into the .CustomerType property value automatically.?


Any suggestion, comments on this is much appreciated.





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