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Posted: June 16, 2021
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Effect of Contact policy on follow-up emails in Pega Customer Decision Hub


In the context of "Always-on Outbound", that is, when using Next-Best-Action Designer for outbound marketing, how can I ensure that follow-up emails do not get filtered out due to contact policy rules? For example, I want to send a follow-up email every time a customer clicks the link in an email. However, a contact policy rule may have been defined that limits the number of emails in a week to one.

Pega expert answer: 

Define your follow-up emails as “transactional” actions. Contact Policy rules are ignored for actions marked as transactional.

Action attributes - Transactional

Also, avoid defining follow-up emails within the same action flow. Pega recommends keeping the number of “send” shapes per channel in an action flow to bare minimum. Creating separate actions for follow-up emails as opposed to defining additional “send” shapes within the same action gives the Next-Best-Action “brain” an opportunity to consider all possible actions that can be taken for that customer. Maybe there is a more important communication that should reach the customer.  


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