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Embedding Signature To A PDF Document

  1. Create a section with a text input, a signature capture field and a button.

  • Click the settings on button and go to Actions. Create an event action: create a click event and add ‘refresh this section’ action. Include an activity in the action. See Step 3 for details on creating the “GenPDF” activity.

  1. Go to App> Create>Technical>HTML and add a label to the HTML Stream. Create and Open the Stream.
  • Add the following the code to the HTML Source which includes the Section name and path to the signature image source:

  • Save the HTML Stream and Preview the stream to view the section.
  1. Go to App> Create > Technical > Activity and create an activity. Give it a label and open the activity.
  • Add the parameters InsHandle, PDFName, StreamName and HTMLStream on the Parameters tab.

  • Check “allow direct invocation from the client or service” under Security tab.

  • Add a method ‘Property-Set’ and add the following Properties name and Properties value:

  • Add “Property-Set-HTML” method and the following parameters:

  • Add “Property-Set-HTML” method again and add the following parameters:

  • Next add “Call HTMLToPDF method and the following parameters:

  • Lastly add “Call pyAttachAsPDF method and the following parameters:

  • Save the activity and Trace and Run it.
  1. Create a case type with an assignment shape and add the Section to the connector flow action.

  1. Save and run the case. Fill out the text input and enter a signature on the signature capture field. Click the button “Generate PDF” and a PDF document will be generated with the signature.

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