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Brendan Horan (BrendanHoran_GCS)
Technical Director, Global Client Support
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: March 13, 2015
Last activity: March 13, 2015

End of Week Update - Week 2

After getting things up and running last week we are excited to see a slow, but steady, uptick in activity. In order to keep this momentum, the project team has decided to make this space open to the Mesh. This means that content posted in this space is discoverable in search for all Mesh users. It can now be seen and accessed from the list of spaces. In order to keep the flow more to a "steady trickle" as opposed to a flood, we are not currently promoting or actively linking to our community, but instead taking a "wait and see how many people stumble in first" approach to see what we get.

One of the big drivers for doing this now is the existence of another open space for legacy Chordiant Product Support. We observed that, even though the space is clearly labeled as being a support space for Chordiant products, since it was the only thing that came up on searching for product support, people were still going there to occasionally ask PRPC-related questions. These questions are perfect candidates for the type of discussions we want happening in this space, but we didn't feel right about moving posts from an open space where they could be discovered by any user to one closed to a limited audience.

Now that we are open to the Mesh, we have a little more freedom with options to maintain our upward momentum, and hopefully net a few curious stragglers along the way.

In addition to this major update, we have:

  • Replaced the Tips and Tricks document with a more comprehensive Community Rules of Engagement.
  • We have reached out to more customers to encourage participation and feedback.
  • We have officially rolled out pilot engagement with Global Customer Support world-wide.
  • Developed a formal process for documenting and tracking the use cases that will drive our policies in future endeavors.

We encourage everyone to help us continue the recent increase in activity. As I've said before, we can put the framework and space in place where a community could potentially grow and thrive, but it is up to you, the members and participants, to contribute and make it a success.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, and/or feedback about this initiative, contact Brendan Horan and/or Kip Jackson.

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