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Error when trying to connect to an external database

I am trying to connect to an external Oracle database 10.

1. In the database i have created the new schema and database table.

2. In the path "C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\jdbc\lib" I have included the ojdbc6.jar file.

3. In the prconfig of path "C:\PRPCPersonalEdition\tomcat\webapps\prweb\WEB-INF\classes", I have comment out the default data source lines.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<!-- This is a minimum format prconfig.xml file. Only the settings which are required to access settings in the database are included.

All other settings which were formerly located only in this file are now Data-Admin-System-Settings. -->

<env name="initialization/settingsource" value="merged" />

#<env name="database/databases/PegaRULES/dataSource" value="java:comp/env/jdbc/PegaRULES"/>

#<env name="database/databases/PegaDATA/dataSource" value="java:comp/env/jdbc/PegaRULES"/>

<!-- Most nodes have a 'default' classification and for these nodes, no additional changes need to be made to this file. However,

if this is node has a non-general purpose, for example: 'Agent', then the node classification setting should be added to this file. -->

<!--env name="initialization/nodeclassification" value="Agent" / -->

<!-- Settings can still be put in this file. If they are, then the value in this file will override the value in the database

for this node. This is useful for settings which are specific to this node and should not be shared by multiple nodes on this

system. -->


Pegasystems recommends that you use Application Server connection pooling to the database for Websphere and

Weblogic. These examples are provided if you need to use Pega Connection Pooling for Tomcat or for testing purposes.

If you are using Application server connection pooling, there is no longer a need to edit this file.

****The new format for this file is only valid if you are using Application Server connection pooling. If you are not, please replace

this file with an older version. ***

Oracle 10g (Type 4) oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver jdbc:oracle:thin:@serverName:1521:db

IBM DB/2 Type 4 com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver jdbc:db2://serverName:port/dbName

SQL Server 2005 com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver jdbc:sqlserver://serverName:1433;SelectMethod=cursor;SendStringParametersAsUnicode=false



<env name="database/drivers" value="com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver;oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver" />

<env name="database/databases/PegaRULES/url" value="jdbc:sqlserver://serverName:1433;SelectMethod=cursor;SendStringParametersAsUnicode=false" />

<env name="database/databases/PegaRULES/userName" value="a_username" />

<env name="database/databases/PegaRULES/password" value="a_password" />

<env name="database/databases/PegaDATA/url" value="jdbc:sqlserver://serverName:1433;SelectMethod=cursor;SendStringParametersAsUnicode=false" />

<env name="database/databases/PegaDATA/userName" value="a_username" />

<env name="database/databases/PegaDATA/password" value="a_password" />



4. Created the database in Pega. Selected the JDBC definition as "JDBC URL" and entered


Still i am getting the error when hitting the test connection.

Please help me to figure out the problem. Thanks in advance.

Status Value: Problem encountered when getting a database connection: code: 0 SQLState: 08001 Message: No suitable driver found for jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:SAE


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