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Explanation of Tickets and Appropriate Usage in a Flow

Hello Pega People,

I am having difficulties understanding what tickets are and how one correctly implements them in a flow.

I have read that tickets behave similar to GoTo statements used in Prorgamming Languages.

What I don't understand is how to implement one.

For example if I had a flow where I do assigments and other shapes and then following the natural line of the flow it takes me to a setTicket shape where I set a ticket to the name of a section I wish to go to (lets say Section1), will this setTicket shape then automatically jump over all the flows infront of it and make it to the Section1? (Or jump back in the flow and make it to Section1 if that where the case).

I also fail to understand what the condition for the GoTo would be. How do I define that I only want to GoTo Section1 if one of my parameters is equal to 109 for example.


As you may see guys I am struggling,

Any help is appreciated greatly!


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