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Export data from a data page to Excel

Exporting data from a data page to Excel

In order to export data from a data page to an excel spreadsheet, you’ll need to first have a data page set up. You’ll also need to create a template excel file. This template is the structure of the excel file that the data is exported to. The below steps go through the steps of creating a button on a section which calls an activity to export the page to excel.(apologies for some formatting issues)

  1. Create a template excel file and save this file locally. Note the format of the code in the braces


2. Upload the template excel file as a binary file to Pega. In this case, we used “excel” as the App name (Directory), and the file type (extension) as xlsm (there’s a typo in my screen shot, as it is xlsx): UploadBinaryFile.pngBinaryTemplateCreate1.png

3. Create an activity to upload the data from the data page to the excel template, which will then be exported locally. Note the Method Parameters on the Page-Copy step, as well as the step page. Step 3 is commented out due to the OOTB method “MSOGenerateExcelFile” being deprecated for Pega 8. The new/current method is called “pxGenerateExcelFile.” Also, keep in mind of the format for the templateRFB. It is directory!Filename!xlsx, for example, “excel!MyExcelSheet!xslx”. Make sure “DownloadFile” is checked:


4. Now that your activity is created, You’ll need to create a button with an on click event to call the activity and generate the export. You’ll need to have the action be an open URL from a new window. This will let you click on your downloaded excel file and view it:


5. After this is done, you should be all set. Launch/Run your case, click on the export to excel button you just created, and you should see your downloaded file in a new window. Click on the file, and it will open up in Excel. The file should match your template. Be sure to validate that your data is correct:

export to excel dev 1.png

export to excel dev 2.png

export to excel dev 3.png

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